4 Days Gone In The Wink Of An Eye

Well, it’s gone before it was even here. I cannot believe that its is 4 days almost done and dusted. Man how quickly does time fly when you are enjoying yourself and not working! This is unreally quick. I was so looking forward to this 4 day long weekend believe that I would be relaxing and enjoying it to the max and though there was plenty of that, I still feel that it went by so quickly. Like a flash of lightning.

Friday, I stayed in and did nothing. Watched a movie and some tv shows and slept well. Saturday I had made plans with my cousin to visit Fort Kochi, try some food from places I haven’t visited yet and go to the beach. That was fun. I left my place a little after 10:30 am and was back home before t was 5pm. I went to bed earlier than usual as I was tired from the hot sun at the beach during our walk.

Sunday I stayed in and spent a lot of time on Youtube and watched a movie and some tv show episodes. Today was more of the same. I watched two movies and probably might watch one more before I go to bed. Or maybe I will watch some tv show episodes and then go to sleep. But it has rushed by. I demand more.