Careful In The Sun

How Careful Are You in the Sun?

I am a lot. If the sun is blazing hot and it’s terribly sweaty and sticky outside, I will avoid going out and will stick to staying indoors. I will blast the fan full speed or if there is an air-conditioner, I will blast that at full cooling power. No one likes to be out in the sun and sweat buckets every few minutes. Least of all me.

I will make sure that I drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated. Hydrated as fuck, I should be peeing every hour and my pee should be clear as crystal. I will also have ice on hand and maybe Sprite or 7up in large 1 or 2 litre bottles at home because I find that they help. Lemonades with ice and water or soda with plenty of sugar and a little salt is also good.

Daily showers, possibly even twice a day will help as will changing your clothes, especially your underwear as it keeps you fresh and clean and sweat stained clothes smell badly too. That’s important.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times