My Favourite Street

What Is Your Favorite Street?

My favourite street in my hometown is Panampilly Nagar Avenue, the main street of Panampily Nagar which is one of the most happening places in Kochi. This long stretch of road has amazing stuff from the beginning to the end stretch. First of all the road is wide so we have plenty of cars that can pass by, the road is decent in it self and we have plenty of walking space.

We have lots of stores and shops and banks and mobile showrooms, computers and laptop showrooms and plenty of eateries and hotels. The side roads too have these amazing food joints that will tickle your taste buds and keep you wanting more. This place has so many banks, it’s crazy but it’s a prime location as most of the really rich people of Kochi have homes there, including several actors.

This avenue has my favourite hot dog place (Lil America), my favourite burger joint (The Burger Junction), my fav doner place (Doner Kebab), my fav pizza place (360 Degree Pizzeria), my favourite French toast place (French Toast) and ofcourse there is Subway, Ming’s Wok, Zataar and the always good cafe and eatery Cocoa Tree. There’s more but I haven’t been to any of them yet. What more could you want in a street?

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

Sunday Plans Changed

This always happens to me. It’s Sunday and yesterday after leaving the house at 10:30 am and having been at the movie theatre and the mall then lunch and coming home by 5pm, I wanted to relax. Not having slept much the previous day and after a long 14 hour work Friday, I could use more relaxation on Saturday evening with an early bedtime. Which I did and am grateful for.

Today the plan was wake up at around 7:30 am or 8 and spend the morning online catching up on Youtube videos of channels that I subscribe to until 11 or 11:30 am and then watch a couple of movies till 5pm, go online again until 8 pm. Watch another movie or two and then to bed as I have to get up by 6am tomorrow to get ready for work. But then my internet service provider decides to play spoil sport.

I wake up and the internet is down. After coffee I wait for sometime but the internet is still down so I call up my ISP’s customer care and raise a complaint. Ofcourse it gets fixed only by around 12 pm! Until that time I listen to music and finally by around noon I get the connectivity back. I also got distracted in changing the look of this blog by installing a new theme. I hope you guys like it. I’ve been fiddling with customizing the theme and I lost a few hours to that today. Post lunch I watch a few episode of BSG and then in the evening we have family over.