Share 3 Things You Love Right Now

  • This weather. Granted getting wet while outside is not the best thing in the world and neither is getting splashed by dirty, brown water by a speeding car. But today’s rather heavy rains was awesome. I love how the night city looks just after the rains and how the various colourful lights and neon signs reflect off puddles on the roads. Plus it’s very cool temperature wise and it will be good to snuggle in between the sheets.
  • The idea of going to a burger/grilled food joint that I have never gone before. I will be, hopefully, going for dinner to a restaurant that I have never been to before. They are known for rather delicious burgers and other awesome food.
  • The idea of just staying at home for the weekend and watching movies from my bed. I hope it rains a lot during Saturday and Sunday. I would love that and I could use the rest. Plan is to take two days off my feet and sleep in and chill.

Seeing Visions Of Cracks Along The Wall

This song is special for me. When the album Yield came out in 1998, I was going through a rough personal time. When was the last time I had a fine personal time? Anyways, I was about 21 not yet 22, and I saw that the album was out in record stores here in Kochi, India. I bought my tape and went home. Post dinner and it must have been around 10pm when I finally settled down in my bedroom. Sometime later I put the cassette in my stereo system and listened to the album for the first time.

Just before In Hiding came on, I fell asleep and woke up at around 2 am, I woke up again. I decided to play the album again at this song and the lyrics hit me deep. According to Eddie Vedder, the song lyrically was inspired by the work of Charles Bukowski, who often locked himself way for long periods of time so he could work in absolute solitude. “It’s about taking a fast from life,” Eddie Vedder has said. “Doing anything to get yourself back in touch with something real.”

I felt that the lyrics meant that the protagonist was in hiding from society, from family, from friends because he wasn’t happy with several things about life and therefore he decided to become a recluse for a bit. I felt really sad at that time and started tearing up listening to the song, which I ended up playing several times over the next few days. It has remained a strong favourite since then.