Do you speak a second language? What inspired you to learn it?

I speak three languages. English and Malayalam fluently and I struggle with Hindi, but I can understand a lot more than I can speak it. So that’s three. I cannot read or write Malayalam as I never learned how to. That’s what I speak on a regular basis but Hindi hasn’t been a language I speak on a daily basis or even a once in a while thing.

I wish I could speak a lot more of Hindi and be more fluent. I wish I could speak several other Indian languages. I wish I could speak French – my fav language – , Italian, Russian and many other languages. KLINGON! Oh I wish I could swear in Klingon – it would be glorious! I want to be able to speak to anyone in the world in the language that they grew up speaking in.

I think I will try to learn Klingon. Subtitles? We don’t need no stinking subtitles!

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF OCTOBER WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

Laptop, Wifi, Coffeeshop & You

It has been so long, longer than I can even remember since I just went into a cafe with a laptop and sat there for a couple of hours browsing through the internet and drinking coffee. I think the last time I did that was more than 4 or 5 years ago?

I used to take my laptop – not my 2 year old Dell but my previous laptop which was a Lenovo – with me to many places. Mostly to one of the cafes I used to frequent. The two Cafe Coffee Days in the city, or Coffee Cube which has free Wifi or the Barista that shut down a few years ago – they also had free Wifi. I used to order a cup or two of coffee, a sandwich or a muffin, maybe a small bottle of water and for two hours or so, be online. It’s the same as doing it from home but you get better coffees.

I kinda miss that time. I loved doing that. I’ve even taken my laptop to a couple of restaurants and to a bar a few times. Didn’t use it much there but atleast a half hour or so. Which was fun. But coffee in a coffeeshop and free Wifi go hand in hand. There is one place that has decent food and has free Wifi – the others have closed – and I think I will pick a Saturday and go there with my Dell.