Star Trek Discovery : Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

We finally visit a planet on Star Trek Discovery. Our first away mission on a planet that looks alien and has an alien look & feel about it and which a non-corporeal life form.

Coming to the aid of another Federation ship, the Discovery is unable to prevent its destruction from a Klingon ship with their cloaking technology. Desperate for a way to detect these ships even when they are cloaked, Burnham, Tyler, and Saru are sent to Pahvo, a seemingly uninhabited planet with a naturally occurring crystalline transmitter that broadcasts the planet’s vibrational frequency into space. They hope to use the transmitter to create a sonar for the hidden Klingon ships. They discover that Pahvo is inhabited with indigenous life that introduce Saru to their higher understanding of peace, and he attempts to force Burnham and Tyler to remain with him on the planet forever. Burnham is able to fight off Saru and broadcast the new signal. However, the Pahvo lifeforms adjust the signal to contact the Klingons as well, hoping to end the war. Kol receives the signal, after sentencing L’Rell to death: she had tried to help Cornwell escape in exchange for protection from Kol, leading to L’Rell apparently killing Cornwell to try save face with Kol.

And we see some amazing character development in terms of Saru. In a lifetime of fear, where he has never been at ease in his own skin, of course Saru would finally find peace on Pahvo and want to hold onto it forever. That was really good. I also really like the Gagarin ship which is now the cover of my Facebook page. I don’t care if most people (including me) agrees that it is the Shenzou with the nacelles reversed. A space battle in which the Gagagrin is destroyed – oh no – even though Discovery comes to her aid. And the thing with L’Rell wanting to defect?

L’rell asks Kol to let her interrogate the Admiral who he had captured two episodes ago. Cornwell screams back at the Klingon when faced with a terrifying scream from her to be torturor. And then L’rell tells her as they discuss peacefully, that she wants to defect as she feels that Kol’s methods have no honour. They try to make their way out of the Klingon ship but Kol sees them so L’rell picks up the Admiral and hits her against a electric device which seems to kill her. L’rell drags the body to a chamber where she sees all of her men killed and their bodies laid out. She swears revenge but is captured and imprisoned by Kol.

Are the Pavhan’s similar to the spores? They seem to be able to transport you instantaneously, as they show bringing Ash to where Saru and Michael are fighting. And then they signal the Klingons in order to bring about peace – are they like the Organians? What will happen in the next episode when the Discovery comes face to face with the Sarcophagus ship? A 8 outta 10!

Do You Need To De-Clutter Your Life?

Do You Need to De-Clutter Your Life?

I think so and not as much as I needed to earlier, like a 3 to 4 years ago. At that time I had a bunch of stuff lying around or stored in cupboards and shelves that I did not need. I had to get rid of several old books, magazines and other stuff. I also had lots of cds that I could get rid off as I had ripped all of the songs into mp3s and saved them on my hard disk and backed them up on two external hard drives as well.

I also had a surplus of old batteries and stuff. Now, I had a computer chair in one corner with a bunch of stuff like old books and shit that is just collecting dust and lying there. I need to get rid of it and see what I need to save from the stuff lying on it. My inbuilt cupboard could also use a cleaning and seeing what I can get rid off. I had some dvds in there that are cheap knockoffs so I could get rid of them and upgrade the ones that I want.

Not much else. The area underneath my bed could some good cleaning up. I see dust bunnies under there. And that’s about it. Oh yeah, in the spare/common room I have a bunch of old clothes, mostly shirts that I can no longer fit into or that are too old that I need to get rid off. Other than that, not much else.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times