Strange Going Ons

Well it’s been a strange and long, confusing week. We are having some changes at the office, some that are tremendously shocking and it will change the mood and atmosphere at the office. I am surprised that this much has happened in this week and I still have a day left to go to work for the week!

I guess the first three days working that dreadful 4:30 am to 1:30 pm shift took a lot outta me. I am 41 and no spring chicken. Those kinda hours is for younger folk. No sooner than I get back to my regular evening shifts (I went in at 7pm yesterday) and I get hit with these changes. I dunno how much change is good for you. Change is good but when it is this much in so little time, it’s bound to have repercussions. Things haven’t been all good these days.

People behaving strangely, all kind of funny stories around and stuff that I can’t keep up with. Also with people I thought were decent, turns out that they aren’t.