Ranking DCEU Movies

First of all, I have no idea why the call it the DC Extended Universe. But we all got to have our lists, don’t we? So if I do not consider the older Superman or Batman films, I have the ones that have come since 2013 and here is the order in which I would rate them:

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice
  3. Justice League
  4. Man of Steel
  5. Suicide Squad

Any surprises? I think Henry Cavill isn’t very charismatic and doesn’t do “justice” (pun not intended) to the role of Superman, though he was better in Justice League. Suicide Squad – don’t get me started on that drivel. I bet it will be my least favorite DC film of all time and least favourite superhero movie of all time.

We Will Be On A Staycation

That’s it people, we got a staycation coming up! My annual leave from work. Last year I had one in February and this year it’s in November. I guess you can’t always pick and choose in our line of work.

So Feb 2016 I took a few days off for some fun and relaxation. 4 days leave coupled with the Saturday and Sunday before it for 6 whole days to do anything I want or nothing. Last time I went for a beer and some food and even went to Lulu Mall for the very first time. This time I dunno. I might not go anywhere but I might have to go shopping for some new shirts – I am overdue. I might pick some places to go and relax with a good book and drink coffee for a while. I don’t think any movies I want to see will be playing in the theatres this week but I will check out the changes on Friday.

Oh so it starts from tomorrow till next monday so 6 days in today and just 4 days leave in all. I wanted more but I guess I can’t get it. It’s not fair but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. If you are wondering where the pic in this post is from, the word “staycation” was originally coined by Canadian comedian Brent Butt in the television show Corner Gas, in the episode “Mail Fraud”, which first aired October 24, 2005.