This was My Thursday

What a day! So, today is day two of my 6 days in a row holiday. Doesn’t look like I will be going anywhere but that’s ok I guess. I am still gonna enjoy it. Yesterday I was indoors the whole day and didn’t do anything but catch up on my sleep. I watched some tv shows and even rewatched a movie before bedtime – 2011’s Paul, which was funny and entertaining.

Today I woke up by 9 and then waited till 11am to shave and get dressed. I took the new novel, Origin by Dan Brown, with me and went to Kahawa Bistro and ordered a nice thick peanut butter & chocolate milkshake and a double decker burger. Both were amazing. I sat there for a while and read the book as I relaxed and chilled in the airconditioned cafe. I then went to get a haircut – it’s been pending for a long time – and then went to the bank.

Post that I went to Center Mall and roamed around for a bit. I then went to buy a few things from Big Bazaar before going to Burger King, also in a mall for a paneer burger and a Mountain Dew. The day was hot and sweaty. I then went to buy some medicines for me and then hailed an Uber to come back home. Bought some M&Ms for the evening and now waiting for 11:30 pm to watch some football.