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On any given night, anything can happen / if the underdog is hungry the favourite might fall / with all of the people yelling and clapping / anything can happen, anything at all

Those are the lyrics to the chorus of the 80s hit single Anything can happen by Was Not Was. Whenever I hear or see the word “underdog” I always automatically think of this song and the chorus, which is instantly hummable and catchy.

Now, who doesn’t love an underdog who rises up to the occasion and tries to win the battle against the odds, against a much more fancied opponent. Against a tricky and difficult situation. In real life, we all love underdogs and I would love to be the underdog, the unexpected winner, the written off candidate who managed to surprise the public and to be the David who defeats Goliath.

It’s a romantic feeling that is full of charm and grace and excitement.

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Natural Disaster Three

If you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster, what three things would you take with you?

I’ve done similar prompts before but let’s give it a go:

Medicine box – with my asthma inhaler and some other medicines, including band-aids and sprays. This is important and could be a life saver after a disaster.

My laptop – easy! I need to be connected and will need my computer for that. Plus I have a bunch of needed data saved in it so that can help me. Also if I just need to get online the computer is the best and well for entertainment.

And then….well I guess my smartphone. It’s a given, you need to be able to make calls and use maps and GPS and all that shit. I can get a lot of stuff done and use it for making payments as well. Photographic evidence of damage done is also easily taken and sent to anyone who it matters to as well.

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