Yawn, Bored?

How Do You Deal With Boredom?

I am never too bored! How can you feel bored in this day and age, I will never know. I think with cable tv, high speed internet, mp3s, dvds/blu-rays, streaming services and books you can never be bored. You can be bored if you do not have access to any of these things – then you go out and make some entertainment.

So I will never run out of tv shows or movies to watch – and I am a big time rewatched of tv shows and movies. Or music, weather it is studio recorded mp3s or video clips or live versions. I have a lot of books that I can read or reread too and I can easily download a bunch more. I have access to live streaming sports and interviews. And well – Youtube is a never-ending source of entertainment as well as information.

So how can you possibly be bored if you have these at your finger tips?

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times