13 Hours

Wow, what a work day at the office! I reached the office by 4:45 pm after a sick day and at 6pm we had our annual rewards & recognition event for our department. That was from 6pm till 9pm. We had a few small presentations, a couple of speeches, some singing (not me though) and a game or two before we cut a cake and posed for some pics. And then we had a nice dinner – chappati, veg pulao, chicken curry, butter paneer, beef fry & chilly cauliflower.

There was ice cream and gulab jamun as well but I skipped that. We went back to work and were hard at at untill 11:45 pm when I felt like I needed a break and something sweet to drink, like a milkshake. So a colleague and I went down to down a shake and then went back to training and we were at it till almost 6 am. Then it was time for breakfast! So we went down to the cafeteria and had an egg sandwich before parting ways.

I reached home and went straight to bed, having been at the office for more than 13 hours 4 more than I had hoped to be there. It’s strange how things are so dynamic at the office and at times it really pisses me off. But that’s the way this industry is. What can you do? I work today, a Saturday, but will quit early and I have Sunday and Monday off.