Three Things I’d Do If Not For Fear

Three things you’d do if you weren’t so afraid

  1. Move out and find a small but decent apartment and rent it out and move in there. Financially speaking, that might be difficult at this time but if I could better manage my money, do some investment and or dip into the stock market and make some money then I don’t see why not. The cost of living and also giving some money for my parents would be difficult, especially as I don’t have any savings.
  2. Or…move to another city like Bangalore or Gurgaon or even Chennai and get a job there. I love Cochin but I have limitations here for some of the things that I love and am interested in. I want a few more pubs and some restaurants and fast food joints and breweries and we don’t have them here (ok we have some fast food and restaurants that I love but these cities have more). Also the chances to have access to bigger and more malls, rock concerts and more.
  3. I would like to invest and take a loan and start my own restaurant or bar. Or maybe both. A place that serves really good pizzas, really good sandwiches and burgers, steaks, fried chicken and wings and stuff like that with lots of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Cocktails and stuff. A place that makes you want to hang out with friends and family and drink a few and eat a lot and enjoy yourself and listen to some good music while you are doing it. Heck, I wanna hang out there.