Wannabe Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

  1. Canada – always Canada. Well ever since 1998 or so, I have wanted to move to Canada and explore her cities, towns and countryside. No other place I’d rather visit and possibly even live in.
  2. The UK – England first, Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland too. The sights, the towns, the pubs, the people, the FOOTBALL!
  3. Parts of the US – I guess it’s safe to say that for someone like me there are some areas of the US that are scary right now. There always seems to be crazy things happening. But the USA has many areas I would love to see and enjoy.
  4. The Netherlands & Belgium – Holland is one of my favourite places to see sights off and I put Belgium along with them as they are similar in some cases. Beautiful cities and towns and football, beer and food!
  5. Scandinavian countries – I have had a life long love affair with Sweden (or atleast since 1987) and I want to see her. Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland too. Some of the cities in these countries look downright amazing.

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