Staring & Swiping Do Not Mix

Well I’m back to 7:30 pm to 4:30 am shifts again. This seems to be something more of the norm for my department now. And I think I prefer that because of the fact that I seem to get some free time at home and I don’t have to stretch too much at work either.

I made a mistake a lunch a few days ago which I forgot to mention. I had lunch at the office cafeteria and my meal came to Rs.75. When I swiped my card, the guy at the counter had pressed Rs.75 but I tried entering my pincode a little too soon and either I or the guy at the counter must have accidentally entered a 0 at the end so it actually swiped for Rs.750! Gasp! Egads!

I realized the error as I was eating lunch so I went back to the counter and showed it to the guy in charge. He checked my order and the amount and gave me back the change. Ofcourse my friends at work who I were having lunch with said that I made the error because I was ogling some chick at another table! I swear I only stared for like most of the time!