Relaxation Man

After a few weeks I finally went out for a while. Nothing special planned but just for some good food and a bit of shopping. I woke up very late as I had slept so late in the night or early morning. I finally fell asleep by 4 am after tossing and turning and only woke up by around 10 am. I had just a coffee and then showered and shaved and waited till almost 12:30 pm before heading out.

I hired an Uber and went to The Burger Junction in Panampilly Nagar. On an empty stomach a nice, juicy burger with bacon and fries and a sweet Nutella shake is awesome. I spent some time there before leaving for Center Mall. I shopped for some secret Santa gifts and ended up selecting a customized coffee mug and a men’s wallet. After that I went to Big Bazaar two floors up and bought a few things like shampoo, deodrant, talcum powder, apples, snacks and chocolates.

Then I went to Subway as I was still a bit hungry and had a Mountain Dew and a club sub before hailing another Uber and going to the self service BevCo in Gandhinagar and bought six beers. Hmm it’s been a while since I had any. Then I made my way back home for some relaxation. In the late evening while watching YouTube I downed a couple of those beers and then had dinner by 9pm. Now watching movies.