2018 World Cup Is Almost Here

Are you, like me, excited for the World Cup? Good. Notice I did not use the words “The Football” World Cup? That’s because there is really only one truly world cup and that is the one that FIFA runs. It has more countries involved in it than even the United Nations. Let that settled down in your brains for a minute. Everything else is just a bunch of countries.

And I refuse to call it soccer – fuck that shit! The USA and Canada – I love you, especially Canada and some parts of the US. But you can call that shitty sport with helmets, shoulder protection pads and a stupid egg shaped shitty thing (it’s not a fucking ball and you don’t kick it around with your feet) “football” all you want – it’s not football! Call it American and Canadian rules football. We won’t call your stupid sport football – why don’t you call it soccer??!

Luckily for me some of the games are in the afternoon so I think I can catch a few games during the week as well as the weekend. I will miss the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia on Thursday but I have the next three days off so I can watch a few games then.

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