Saturday Evening Out

I woke up yesterday feeling under the weather, the effect of a slight chest infection that refuses to clear out. Therefore I decided to stay in for the day and see if I felt good enough to go out in the evening. The phlegm was making me cough every few minutes or so and it was not conducive for wanting to go out. So I spent the day at my laptop drinking a couple of cups of hot coffee and a light lunch later I watched Back To The Future and relaxed in bed.

By 5pm I decided to shower and shave and go out. I couldn’t any friends who were able to join me so I was on my own. By 6pm I left the house and went to an Idea Cellular showroom to get a new prepaid connection and SIM. I had to also go and get some money from an ATM machine halfway down the street perpendicular to the store as they couldn’t accept cash for the first recharge. Once I selected a number and handed over the cash for the recharge they gave me the new SIM. Which I haven’t tested out yet for some reason.

After that I went nearby for an early meal; Double Roti was the tempting place nearby and I had a delicious Ginger Hoisin Sauce cooked pork patty burger with bacon and a chocolate shake. Though with the phlegm, choosing a shake was probably not a great idea. After that I hired an Uber to get me to Center Mall and did some shopping at Big Bazaar. I bought a few things like shampoo, soap, deodorant, apples, a few snacks for the upcoming week including popcorn, coffee and sugar. While at the checkout counter I had to wait for the longest time because this one lady, with a small kid in tow, had the largest ever purchase I have ever seen in a supermarket.

She has three large shopping carts filled to the brim with lots of items. Including the most I have ever seen of biscuits/cookies (Unibic is having a sale), towels, kitchen utensils, vegetables and a whole plethora of other stuff. She needed a couple of guys from the store to help her get the bags down to the ground floor. After my shopping was done, I was feeling a bit tire and before came home, I took some rest for a little while and enjoyed a Lipton Ice Tea at Subway. Then I was watching Superman (1978 with the late Christopher Reeve) while munching on M&M peanuts.