Internet Outage Again!

Well, I’ve had another long outage in terms of internet at home this afternoon. With me getting home by 6:30 am and sleeping till 2 pm not having internet till just a couple of minutes ago is just not done. My current ISP provider, Asianet Broadband, though having a few good plans is having a lot of issues lately with providing me service. I keep having to call them very frequently and raising complaints.

Today what happened was, according to the technician who I just spoke to, a vehicle (most probably a stupid truck that delivers to one of the businesses nearby or the construction crew vehicles, hit the post that has the Asianet device that gets me internet to my apartment and thereby the cable got broken. This happens atleast once every 3 months. Added to frequent little outages that last a few hours and a server going down in the area every month or so, it has started to really bug me.

So I am happy with the plans and speeds but to be honest it’s not that great anymore. Plus their customer support sucks – most of the outsourced associates have no clue as to what to tell you and they even go out of their way to let you know (not outright but it’s the way that they say it) that they are outsourced and they will let the “OFFICE” know about it. I dunno but I may have to look out for another ISP.