7 Tips To Make Blogging Easier

  1. Have a nice, comfortable place to sit in when you blog. If it’s a desk, keep it as clutter free as possible. Anything other than a coffee mug or a glass or can of drink puts me off. Keep it neat.
  2. If you are in a house or apartment with other people, have you own secluded spot for blogging. Better yet, have it in a closed room.
  3. Music: yay or nay? Personally I would prefer to not have music playing unless it’s some instrumental stuff. That is pretty ok. But I wouldn’t want my favourite rock anthems to be playing while I try to blog. I wouldn’t get anything done.
  4. Only write about the stuff that you want. Do not get pressured into writing about stuff you are not into.
  5. Read a lot of other blogs. Get inspired by the blogs you are interested in.
  6. Set aside some time for everyday or how many days of the week you want to blog. Keep that time aside and make sure that you just keep typing.
  7. Take notes throughout events, movies, parties – any time of the day really. You may want to blog about it later. So your smartphone is really handy for that. And ofcourse you can blog straight from your phone too.