Foshan The City

There is a city named Foshan in China. I know they actually meant Roshan and it’s just a typo. Good on you Chinese people, atleast you tried. Foshan is a great city!

I should probably move there. Roshan in Foshan! Roshan is in motion, putting on some sun tan lotion while at the ocean, in Foshan! Does Foshan have a beach? Is it a coastal city? I need to look it up.

I just hope I don’t cause a commotion or get loose motion while I am in Foshan!

When I Moved

Write a post inspired by this word: moving

Back in September 2006 my folks and I vacated our home in Thrikkakara and move to this apartment in the city, we were busy packing up stuff to be moved to the new place. What we weren’t be able to squeeze into the apartment (hey, we had been piling up junk from the early 1980’s; stuff which fits in a big house but will not fit into a 3 bedroom flat), we stored some stuff in an uncle’s house & in my maternal grandma’s place. A whole bunch of newspapers, papers, magazine stuff, cards, letters & wrappers were found and dumped in the backyard to burn. I saw the burning going on and soon added a whole pile of my shit into the fire and further fanned the flames. I saw some old cards & books from lost loves, even some porno :) and other sort of stuff that I dumped into the fire pit.

I felt like my old life was being closed right before my eyes; chapters of my life being destroyed as the flames turned it into ashes. It felt like the end of an era & the beginning of one. The old one had a lot of fun and a lot of tears & heartaches behind it. And as the fire died down,only black.grey ashes remained. Is that symbolic? Is life as I knew it been changed to this….ashes?  The massive changeover took place and my folks and I moved from our home of 19 years (we completed the house in 1985 but only started living there permanently from 1987; until then it was a summer vacation house while we were based in Kuwait). I have so many fond memories of the house in Thrikkakara, which, the current owners, made a lot of changes to including building a separate wing itself and demolishing a wall between two room to make one really large room.

We moved in and boy what a shocker! A major goof up happened by the workers and the walls ended up being painted a sick looking pink! Imagine a 100 people threw up bottles of liquid Gelusin in the rooms and you will get the picture! I still giggle when I think of it. We later had it painted a light blue.