Talking About My Generation

What generation do you wish you grew up in?

Can I pick up a generation that isn’t here yet? I would want to the future and wait for a generation that has gotten over stupid and petty differences about race, colour, religion, nationality and politics. That is the only way that humanity will progress and flourish. Take up these so called religious books and throw them away and forget about colour and race and borders.

That is the generation that I want to live in and grow up and die in. I want a peaceful and safe existence. Where everyone is looking out for the others. Where people can get along and debate all day long. Where women, men and kids can walk safely at night, go to a movie, have food and drink and enjoy some shopping in the late hours of the night or just go for a midnight stroll in any part of the world and they will never come to any harm. Where no one will kill you or steal from you or rape you or do anything to you.

Where money, fame and working for the necessary things in life is no longer needed. Where every human has a nice home to go to and live in safely without the fear of anything happening to him/her or their family. Where every dog and cat has a home and a family to love them and feed them. Ok some other animals too!

Prompt from 30 DAYS OF APRIL WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls