Quick Day At Work Then Back Home

So I had a very short day at work yesterday. I took permission to come in by 7:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm like usual as I was feeling rather tired and it was so hot and sweaty. A nice big lunch of a pizza was also probably not the best way to go. So I was tired and needing more sleep than usual and so post lunch I took a nap. By 6 I was showering and shaving and left for work however I got delayed due to a traffic block.

I went in and started on work but knew that most probably I would be leaving early. I’ll tell you why in a bit. I went with my team members who were working in the night shift for dinner and then went to write an assessment for work as part of this project that I am doing. Me and a colleague. Once that was done I went up to do some reports and stuff and by 10:30 pm it was decided that he and I would leave by 12 or 12:30 pm as we are to join the trainings being conducted in the day shift.

We could have gotten this stuff all sorted out last week and knowing my superiors at the office, they didn’t think about it. I should have and blamed myself for not thinking about it sooner. Anyways I was home by 12:45 am and I watched some tv for a while before falling asleep at 3 am. Today I am going in by 1:30 pm as I need to attend a meeting at 6:30 pm which will take till almost 9 pm to be over. I am just chilling till 11:45 pm when I go take a shower and a shave and then eat a quick lunch before I go to work.