Day Missed

So yesterday we had no blog posts because after I woke up in the morning at 11 am I noticed that the broadband was down. I called up Asianet as soon as I made myself a cup of coffee and they raised a complaint. It came back up only by 4:30 pm and I was getting ready to take a shave and a shower by then.

My day at work is kinda good these days. I have less work and I leave early or rather on time Except for this Monday as I was asked to stay back for an hour to complete some stuff. Yesterday I reached the office by 6:15pm and had a coffee and a snack before starting my training sessions for the day with my batch of new joinees. I send them for dinner by either 8:30 pm or 9:30 pm. We work till 3:20 am when I give them 10 minutes to sign off and fill a daily survey and send them on their merry little way.

And it was great early this morning – I got an Uber right near the entrance of my office premises and reached home in under 20 minutes! That was a record but it was also because the driver was a little speedy but not too speedy that I was scared for my life.