Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I has this lovely dream early this morning. It was so sweet and I can remember feeling so happy both in the dream and just as I woke up. And ofcourse I was sad and disappointed as soon as I realized that it was just a dream. What kind of dream was it? Well ofcourse it was of the matters of the heart.

In this dream I was at work and was talking with this woman, a beautiful woman from the North East and who had just joined the organization 2 months ago. I had been talking with her for many days, almost everyday of her in the office, and we had struck a very nice friendship. I was attracted to her and thought there was no chance for me but apparently, against all odds, she was reciprocating that attraction back. This one day I asked her where she was headed to and she said she was bored and wanted to see a bit of the city. So I offered to be her guide and off we went.

We booked an Uber and rode in the back and pretty soon we were holding hands. It felt comfortable and familiar and nice. Lovely indeed. My heart was bursting with joy. In this dream I dunno how many days passed but the relationship must have blossomed. I also remember that we kissed and I asked her about her living situation. She lived in a house with 10 other women, all from outta town and who were working in companies in Kochi. At one point I remember feeling a bit scared and asking her how old she was to which she said she was 36 almost 37 which was good.

The next thing I remember is heading to work and she looking up and seeing me settling down at my station. She came up with a big smile on her face and sat next to me and said she had some chocolate for me. We went to have coffee and eat some of the chocolate and it just felt so good holding her hand. I was sad to wake up and realize that it was all just a dream. I do remember her name, which was Sarah.