Arsenal Set To Announce Unai Emery As New Boss

Arsenal are set to appoint Unai Emery as their new manager. Manchester City assistant manager and former Gunners captain Mikel Arteta was strong favourite to succeed Arsene Wenger. Emery emerged as the unanimous choice following a recruitment process in which all candidates were spoken to. The 46-year-old Spaniard is available after leaving Paris St-Germain where he won one Ligue 1 title and four domestic cups in two seasons in charge. Previously he guided Sevilla to three consecutive Europa League triumphs between 2014 and 2016. Emery announced last month he would leave French champions PSG when his contract expired at the end of the season. He was replaced by former Borussia Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel, who had also been linked with the Arsenal job.

Emery’s English is not completely fluent but the language barrier is not expected to be a problem. An announcement and news conference are expected later this week. After Wenger’s departure was announced, the betting odds on Emery replacing him were at one stage as long as 66-1 – placing him behind the likes of former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood. Other candidates included Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri and former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti, as well as former Arsenal players Arteta, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.

The recruitment process was led by Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis, head of football relations Raul Sanllehi and head of recruitment Sven Mislintat – though the final decision would be down to majority shareholder and owner Stan Kroenke. Wenger, 68, left the Gunners at the end of season after 22 years in charge, during which he won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups, including two Doubles.

Russia 2018 : FIFA World Cup

Well, well it’s that time again. Once every four years the world stops to watch the top 32 football nations of that period battle it out in tournament that lasts about a month and we will see shocks, upsets, despair and glory in the end. I am excited about it but I might only be able to watch a few games due to me working evening shifts. I’ll surely watch the games during the weekends and the ones that – looking at the fixtures and the times in India.

Germany seems to be the strong favourites as defending champions. They will have to overcome Mexico, Sweden and South Korea to get out of their group and into the knock-out stage. Brazil are also in the running but I don’t like them and I hope they fall early. They have been handed a tough¬†group to navigate first though. Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica are all hard-working and capable¬†sides, so Brazil will not be expected to breeze through to the knock-out stage. The 2010 world champions¬†Spain are not the force they were once and have a fascinating group that will see them come up against Iberian rivals Portugal as well as Morocco and Iran, but they should have enough in the tank to finish in the top two.

France¬†are among the favourites to win the competition 10 years after their first and only triumph. It is not surprising to see¬†Les Bleus¬†so highly rated (13/2) considering that Didier Deschamps has an impressive pool of talent to draw from, which includes the likes of Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann. Argentina’s¬†qualification campaign almost ended in disaster and they needed a moment of Messi magic in the last game to secure their place at the tournament. But they¬†recently suffered a 6-1 hammering at the hands of Spain, which, while a friendly, simply does not bode well and they will have to emerge from a difficult group containing Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria.

I would put Portugal and Belgium as dark horses and perhaps Russia can do some damage with home turf advantage. I hope we have a good one!

Lulu Mall, Sundaes, Movie, Pizza & Cramps

So for yesterday I had booked tickets for my cousin and I at Lulu PVR’s 7:30 pm showing of Deadpool 2. We agreed to meet at around 6:30 pm. I reached about 20 minutes before that and went to the top floor food court to see if I could get a drink. In a few minutes he reached and called me saying that he wanted some ice cream before the movie. So I said sure and we went to the Merriboy stall and ordered some Death by Chocolate sundaes. We had to go an ATM counter to get some money out as their machine was down.


We still had 30 minutes before the movie started after we finished our sundaes so we quickly visited the loo and then went to the PVR lounge. We ordered cokes and popcorn and then settled into our recline seats and waited through the trailers and ads and the National anthem. The hilarity then ensued.


After that we went to the Dominos stall to split a pizza with a couple of chicken wings each but I got severe cramps on my right thigh that hurt like hell. I tried walking it off but it took about 10 minutes to get it back to normal. We ate dinner quickly and then went to get our rides back to our homes.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool, distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is the eleventh installment in the X-Men film series, and a sequel to the 2016 film Deadpool. The film is directed by David Leitch from a script by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds, with Reynolds starring in the title role alongside Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, and Jack Kesy. In the film, Deadpool forms the team X-Forceto protect a young mutant from Cable.

More violent and more funny with lots of inappropriate humour that leaves you laughing all the movie through, Ryan Reynolds is back as the Merc with the mouth. For the past two years he has been working as a mercenary killing his targets in all sorts of violent ways. On his anniversary with Vanessa, as they start to plan their family, one of the targets he missed, tracks them down and kills Vanessa (by accident; the bullet was meant for Wade). Wilson kills the man in revenge, but blames himself for her death, and attempts to commit suicide six weeks later by blowing himself up. Wilson has a vision of Vanessa in the afterlife, but the pieces of his body remain alive and are put back together by Colossus. Wilson is left with only a Skee-Ball token, an anniversary gift, as a final memento of Vanessa.

As a sort of healing, Wade joins the X-men reluctantly and Colossus, and¬†Negasonic Teenage Warheadrespond to a standoff between authorities and the unstable young mutant¬†Russell Collins / Firefist¬†at an orphanage, labeled a “Mutant Reeducation Center”. Wilson realizes that Collins has been abused by the orphanage staff, and kills one of the staff members. Colossus stops him from killing anyone else, and both Wilson and Collins are arrested. Restrained with collars that negate their powers, they are taken to the “Icebox”, an isolated prison for mutant criminals. Meanwhile, a cybernetic soldier from the future,¬†Cable, whose family Collins murdered, travels back in time to terminate the boy before Collins ever becomes a killer. Cable breaks in to the facility and fights Wade, whose collar breaks off in the melee. He attempts to defend Collins, but Cable defeats him and takes Vanessa’s token. Wilson forces himself and Cable out of the prison, but not before Collins overhears Wilson deny that he cares for the young mutant.

Near death Wade has another vision of Vanessa who urges him to help the kid. Wilson organizes a team of mutants he calls¬†X-Force¬†to break Collins out of a prison-transfer convoy and defend him from Cable. The team launches its assault on the convoy by parachuting from a plane, but all of the team-members except for Wilson and the lucky¬†Domino¬†die in the landing. While the pair fight Cable, Collins frees fellow inmate¬†Juggernaut, who repays Collins by agreeing to help him kill the abusive orphanage headmaster. Juggernaut destroys the truck he and Collins are in and they escape. Cable offers to work with Wilson and Domino to stop Collins’ first kill, which will lead to more. He agrees to give Wilson a chance to talk Collins down before attempting to kill the boy again.

At the orphanage Juggernaut overwhelms them until Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend¬†Yukio arrives to distract the huge monster. After Wilson appears to fail in talking down Collins, Cable shoots at the young mutant. Wilson leaps in front of the bullet and dies, reuniting with Vanessa in the afterlife. Seeing this sacrifice on his behalf, Collins does not kill the headmaster. This changes the future, in which Cable’s family now survives. Cable uses the last charge on his time-traveling device, which he needed for returning to his family, to go back several minutes and strap Vanessa’s token in front of Wilson’s heart before they arrive at the orphanage. This time, when Wilson leaps in front of the bullet it is stopped by the token and he survives. Collins still has his change of heart, while the headmaster is run over by Wilson’s taxi-driver friend Dopinder.

In the mid-credits scene Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio¬†repair Cable’s time-traveling device for Wilson. He uses it to save the lives of Vanessa and X-Force member Peter; kill¬†X-Men Origins: Wolverines version of Deadpool; and kill actor¬†Ryan Reynolds¬†while he is considering starring in the film¬†Green Lantern. Fucking hilarious – I am trying to think of another movie during which I laughed so hard recently and I am failing. Everyone in the theatre was rolling in the aisle with mirth. It is so damn funny. Such inappropriate humour and it works so well. 9.5 outta 10!

Change Needed

Write about something you’ve been avoiding.

I’ve been avoiding finding a different job to work in. I need to find a new place and make a move within the next few months if not in the next month. It would be better for my health and I could also use with a good hike in my salary. I am not talking about 2-5k more but way, way more.

I am not ready to blog about other stuff that has been happening. Let’s just say that I am done with being so frustrated at work. I could use a change of pace and it’s now a good enough time that I have spent in my current place of employment that I can move without there being much question about any lack of stability.

I also need to get out of these night shifts if I can. I don’t mind it so much but I get so tired and jaded that I cannot wait for the weekend to begin so I can rest.

Prompt from 365 Blog Post Ideas and Writing Prompts at SeaJaneWrite

Pigeon Daddy On The Lookout

And now the dad pigeon seems to be hanging out on the upper ledge of my balcony! He has been sitting there all day (it’s almost 3pm now) and seems to be trying to protect his mate who is sitting on the plant pot with the eggs. And he is staring me down!

It’s like he is saying to me “Dude, that’s my honey over there and we have these two babies that she is trying to hatch. Do not, I repeat, go near her and disturb her again!” Because that’s just what I did – as I was making some coffee, I went to the balcony to check on mamma pigeon and the eggs and the pigeon flew away as I approached. I checked in on the eggs, still intact, and then came in.

And then I noticed the daddy pigeon. And he has been eyeballing me with a dirty look on his face. “I see you buddy”! I gotta be careful I guess!

Arteta The Fav To Be In Charge of Arsenal?

Arsenal are in the midst of hiring their first new manager in 22 years after¬†Arsene Wenger‚Äôs departure from the club. Former captain and midfielder¬†Mikel Arteta¬†‚Äď currently coaching at Manchester City ‚Äď is the favourite for the job, and what is expected to be a major overhaul at the Emirates Stadium. The new boss will embark on the club‚Äôs second successive season without Champions League football, with the Gunners having finished a whopping 37 points behind title winners Manchester City. Yesterday marked precisely two years since Mikel Arteta stood at the bottom of the Emirates Stadium tunnel in tears, trying to compose himself for the last interview of his playing career.

And now it looks more and more likely that he will return as the new man in charge. Granted it’s not how it was with Wenger who was taking care of everything but…. still are the board really going to replace two mediocre years for the club and the exit of Wenger, a manager for the past 22 years with Arteta? Fans want Enrique, Ancellotti, Simeone or Allegri – the latter who seems to be the massive favourite to replace Arsene. But the board are looking at Arteta! If the board appoints Arteta, it’s a step in the wrong direction. It shows that they went for the cheaper option, someone they can control a lot and make him a yes man.

And that seems just like the thing that this spineless & gutless board under that cockroach Kronke would do.

Pigeon’s A Nesting

So this Sunday morning while I was having coffee, I went to the dining table and my mother was talking about this pigeon who she found in one of the plant pots. Apparently the pigeon did not move so my mother assumed that the pigeon was sitting on top of her egg. I went to check and she was right!


Mamma pigeon was indeed with child…..or with egg! She had laid an egg and was nesting (is that what we call it) and looked a little frightened as I approached.


She moved away when I came close so I could snap a photo of the egg. Then I went away.


Yesterday I went to check on her in the afternoon. There she was sitting in the same pot and taking care of her baby in the egg. Once again, I went close and thought I could pet her but she moved away after a small touch. Okay, pigeon don’t freak out on me.


And now I see ——she has two eggs! Two more pigeons in this world. Am I gonna have to start a nursery in her? Is my balcony now the maternity ward? Am I the pigeon’s male equivalent of a doula?

RIP Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder, whose best known role was as reporter Lois Lane in the 1978 Superman movie has died aged 69. The Franzen Davies funeral home in Montana confirmed her death on Sunday.

Margaret Ruth Kidder¬†(October 17, 1948¬†‚Äď May 13, 2018 ), professionally known as¬†Margot Kidder, was a Canadian-American actress and¬†activist. She rose to fame in 1978 for her role as¬†Lois Lane¬†in the¬†Superman¬†film series, alongside¬†Christopher Reeve. Kidder began her career in the 1960s appearing in low-budget Canadian films and television series, before landing a lead role in¬†Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx¬†(1970). She then appeared playing¬†twins¬†in¬†Brian De Palma’s cult thriller¬†Sisters¬†(1973); in the slasher film¬†Black Christmas¬†(1974); and the drama¬†The Great Waldo Pepper¬†(1975), opposite¬†Robert Redford. Her performance as¬†Kathy Lutz¬†in the blockbuster horror film¬†The Amityville Horror¬†(1979) gained her further mainstream exposure.

By the late 1980s, Kidder’s career began to slow. Later, in 1996, she had a highly publicized manic episode and¬†nervous breakdown. By the 2000s, however, she had maintained steady work in independent films and television, with guest-starring roles on¬†Smallville,¬†Brothers & Sisters, and¬†The L Word. In 2000 she appeared in three episodes of Peter Benchley’s¬†Amazon (1999 TV series), playing a striking role as an insane Canadian woman bent on domination of all the local tribes.¬†In 2015, she won a¬†Daytime Emmy Award¬†for her performance on the children’s television series¬†R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour. She also acted in theatrical productions, most notably appearing on¬†Broadway¬†in a 2002 production of¬†The Vagina Monologues. In 2005, Kidder became a naturalized U.S. citizen. In later years, Kidder became an outspoken¬†political,¬†environmental, and¬†anti-waractivist. She died on May 13, 2018, at her home in¬†Livingston, Montana.

Kidder dated former Canadian prime minister¬†Pierre Trudeau, directors¬†Brian De Palma¬†and¬†Steven Spielberg, writer/director¬†Tom Mankiewicz, and actor/comedian¬†Richard Pryor.[32]She was married and divorced three times. Kidder’s first husband was American novelist¬†Thomas McGuane, with whom she had her only child, daughter Maggie McGuane, born in 1976. She was married to actor¬†John Heard¬†in 1979 for only six days, and was married to French film director¬†Philippe de Broca¬†from 1983 to 1984. Kidder stated in an interview with¬†TV Guide¬†that she was an¬†atheist.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I has this lovely dream early this morning. It was so sweet and I can remember feeling so happy both in the dream and just as I woke up. And ofcourse I was sad and disappointed as soon as I realized that it was just a dream. What kind of dream was it? Well ofcourse it was of the matters of the heart.

In this dream I was at work and was talking with this woman, a beautiful woman from the North East and who had just joined the organization 2 months ago. I had been talking with her for many days, almost everyday of her in the office, and we had struck a very nice friendship. I was attracted to her and thought there was no chance for me but apparently, against all odds, she was reciprocating that attraction back. This one day I asked her where she was headed to and she said she was bored and wanted to see a bit of the city. So I offered to be her guide and off we went.

We booked an Uber and rode in the back and pretty soon we were holding hands. It felt comfortable and familiar and nice. Lovely indeed. My heart was bursting with joy. In this dream I dunno how many days passed but the relationship must have blossomed. I also remember that we kissed and I asked her about her living situation. She lived in a house with 10 other women, all from outta town and who were working in companies in Kochi. At one point I remember feeling a bit scared and asking her how old she was to which she said she was 36 almost 37 which was good.

The next thing I remember is heading to work and she looking up and seeing me settling down at my station. She came up with a big smile on her face and sat next to me and said she had some chocolate for me. We went to have coffee and eat some of the chocolate and it just felt so good holding her hand. I was sad to wake up and realize that it was all just a dream. I do remember her name, which was Sarah.

Huddersfield 0 Arsenal 1

Arsene Wenger’s 1,235-game reign as Arsenal manager came to an end with a victory over Huddersfield on the final day of the Premier League season. The game had little riding on it, with Huddersfield having already avoided relegation and Arsenal finishing sixth no matter what, and was played in front of a carnival atmosphere at John Smith’s Stadium. Wenger came out to a rapturous reception and went over to applaud the Arsenal fans, taking a bow before kick-off. Both sets of fans gave him a standing ovation after 22 minutes – to celebrate his 22 years in English football with the Gunners – and two planes flew over the ground in the early stages with banners celebrating the Frenchman.

Wenger brought three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups, including two Doubles, to Arsenal – but leaves them in the lowest position since he arrived, sixth. In fact this win over Huddersfield was the first time in eight attempts they have picked up any points away from home in the Premier League in 2018 – making them the last professional team in England to do so. Their goal was scored by Wenger’s final signing, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, as he slid home a low cross from their longest-serving player, Aaron Ramsey. Terriers midfielder Aaron Mooy almost denied Wenger his farewell win late on as his shot crashed off the crossbar.

The Gunners’ sixth-placed finish is their worst under Wenger, and seven consecutive away Premier League defeats before this game tell their own story. They were slightly fortunate to send Wenger off with a victory, with the only goal coming when Alexandre Lacazette passed the ball wide to Aaron Ramsey, who delivered an excellent low cross which Aubameyang turned home. The Gunners only had four shots on target, with Lacazette chipping into Jonas Lossl’s hands and Danny Welbeck firing straight at the goalkeeper in the second half. Now Arsenal have to find a replacement for Wenger and when the 2018-19 season starts, there will be a manager other than the Frenchman in the dugout for the first time since 1996.

The Post

The Post is a 2017 American historical political thriller film directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and written by Liz Hannahand Josh Singer. It stars Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham, the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, and Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee, the executive editor of The Washington Post, with Sarah Paulson, Bob Odenkirk, Tracy Letts, Bradley Whitford, David Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Carrie Coon, and Matthew Rhys in supporting roles. Set in the early 1970s, The Post depicts the true story of attempts by journalists at The Washington Post to publish the Pentagon Papers, classified documents regarding the 30-year involvement of the United States government in the Vietnam War.

I especially liked seeing Streep as Katherine, a middle-aged woman not too sure of herself and who has been used to seeing her father and then her husband run the company. After her husband’s death she relies heavily on her board’s recommendation and advise to run things as she lacks experience and is frequently overruled by more assertive men who advise or work for her. Hanks plays Ben Bradlee, executive editor of the Washington Post. Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense¬†Robert McNamara, Graham’s longtime friend, confides in her that he is to be the subject of unflattering coverage by the¬†Times.

The story turns out to be an expos√© of the government’s long-running deception of the American public. A former govt military expert, who was disillusion by what he saw in Vietnam and that the war was hopeless, steals¬†photocopies classified reports documenting the country’s decades-long involvement in the¬†conflict in Vietnam, dating back to the¬†Truman administration. Ellsberg then leaks these documents to reporters at¬†The New York Times; the movie follows two weeks in 1971 at¬†The Washington Post¬†and the publishing of the¬†Pentagon Papers. However, the series is halted by a court injunction against further publication by the¬†Times.

The Post’s assistant editor¬†Ben Bagdikian¬†tracks down Ellsberg as the source for the leak, who provides Bagdikian with copies of the same material given to the¬†Times. A team in the Post works on these files and ask Katherine’s permission to run the story. The lawyers for the¬†Post¬†advise against publishing the material, lest the Nixon administration bring criminal charges against them. Graham talks to McNamara, Bradlee, and trusted¬†Post¬†chairman Fritz Beebe, agonizing over the decision of whether to publish. The situation is made even more complicated when the¬†Posts lawyers discover that Bagdikian’s source is the same as the¬†Timess, possibly putting Graham in¬†contempt of court. If charges are brought against the company, Graham could destroy the newspaper she sees as a family legacy.

Alternately, if she were to win any legal challenge, the Post could instead establish itself as an important journalistic institution. She chooses to run the story. The White House takes The Times & The Post to the supreme court and the successful ruling of 6-3, is found in favour of the press. Nixon demands that the Post should be barred from the White House. One year later, security guard Frank Wills discovers a break-in in progress at the Watergate complex after a guest at the Watergate hotel called complaining about people using flashlights.

Now, it’s fairly safe to say that both Hanks & Streep are acting heavyweights and that they are just about in the top 5 actors of all time. Or atleast their generation, I dunno. I am a huge fan of both, especially Hanks as I haven’t watched too many movies with Meryl in it but I do love her. This film is not a very exciting one and not one that I am going to want to watch many times over. It’s a big dull and methodical but does have the acting chops to pull it off. A 7.5 outta 10!

Blocked An Asshole On Youtube

I had to block another asshole idiot on Youtube. And this time it’s an Indian or Pakistani moron. Really these people who have no other life but sprout their bullshit online. What the fuck do your parents teach you when you were growing up? Mind your own business and if it is not content that you are into, move on and find something you like. This guy can read and see I suppose.

He comes onto my channel and (I dunno if he is a subscriber or just happened to come on in) and on my review of a pizza from Dominos, he comments that he prefer to have vada pav and samosas with tea. Odd comment but still ok and so I reply that it’s cool, to each his own and that I wasn’t a fan of vadapav. That sets him off and he tells me to be more Indian and abuses me. I tell him to fuck off and a couple of replies later I blocked the fucker. I will not be mocked and abused on my channel, motherfucker.

This leads me to think once again, why do you even bother to go online to check out things you have no interest in or like and then spout off your shit at others. Go home and suck on your pacifier. Shitheads!

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a 2017 American¬†adventure¬†comedy film directed by¬†Jake Kasdan¬†and written by¬†Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers,¬†Scott Rosenberg, and¬†Jeff Pinkner¬†based on a story by McKenna. Part of the¬†Jumanji¬†franchise, the film is a¬†sequel¬†to¬†Jumanji¬†(1995) (based on the 1981¬†children’s book of the same name¬†by¬†Chris Van Allsburg). he film stars¬†Dwayne Johnson,¬†Jack Black,¬†Kevin Hart,¬†Karen Gillan,¬†Nick Jonas, and¬†Bobby Cannavale. he film received generally positive reviews from critics, who called it a “pleasant surprise” and praised the cast. It has grossed over $962¬†million worldwide, the¬†fifth-highest-grossing film of 2017¬†and the¬†40th-highest-grossing film of all time. A sequel is scheduled to be released in December 2019.

It is an adventure movie with a lot of fun. We first see the board game in 1996 being discovered by Alex Vreek’s father on a beach after it was thrown over a bridge by Alan Parrish and Sarah Whittle 27 years earlier. Alex sets the game aside. That night, it transforms into a¬†video game¬†cartridge¬†which catches Alex’s attention when he is awakened by the Jumanji drums and he is transported into the game. We then flash back to 2017 6, four Brantford High School students serve detention: Spencer Gilpin, caught writing an essay for former friend Anthony “Fridge” Johnson (also in detention); Bethany Walker, who made a video call during an English-class quiz and Martha Kaply, who refused to participate in¬†gym class. They are sent to the school basement to prepare magazines for recycling and to think about their future. Fridge discovers Alex’s discarded video-game system when he explores the basement, and he and Spencer set up the game.

Although it has five¬†playable characters, the first one cannot be selected. Spencer and Fridge choose two characters, and the girls choose their own. When Spencer presses “Start”, they are transported into the game. The teens find themselves as characters in the game – Spencer is a heavily ripped muscular¬†explorer¬†and¬†archaeologist¬†Smolder Bravestone; Fridge is diminutive¬†zoologist¬†Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, whom he chose after misreading “Mouse” as “Moose”; Bethany is¬†chubby¬†male¬†cartographer¬†and intellectual Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon (whose nickname she mistook for a woman’s), and Martha is beautiful¬†commando¬†and¬†martial arts¬†expert Ruby Roundhouse. They each have¬†three lives; Spencer deduces that if they lose all three, they really die.

They are met by Nigel, the game’s guide, who takes them to a point and tells them that Jumanji is in danger. Corrupt archeologist Russel Van Pelt stole the Jaguar’s Eye (a magic jewel) from its shrine, cursing Jumanji. Nigel escaped Van Pelt with the jewel, and the players must return it to a¬†jaguar¬†statue and call “Jumanji” to lift the curse. The teens must dogdge the bad guys in Van Pelt’s army as they work their way through the different levels. They are soon helped by by Alex (the missing fifth player, whose avatar is pilot Jefferson “Seaplane” McDonough) and ofcourse in the end all of the rise up above their trepidation and conquer their fears as they are able to restore the eye and the game is over and they return back to the real world and in their own bodies.

They later meet the real Alex, who was returned back to 1996 and he is now married with children, he named his eldest daughter after Bethany out of gratitude for saving his life and introduces them to his infant son, Andy. Martha and Spencer become romantically involved and the four are now friends after their experiences in the game. When they hear Jumanji’s drumbeats, they bring the game behind the school and Fridge destroys it with a¬†bowling ball¬†(also found in detention) to prevent anyone from playing it again.

The movie is a good watch with some good laughs and some good action. Everyone is good in their roles but Jack Black steals the show as a teenage girl in a 40Plus old man’s body. 8 outta 10!