Working On A Sunday

Today I was at work, which is odd for me. At least for the last few years. I haven’t worked on a Sunday in a long, long time. Since…..2007 I guess? It usually isn’t needed for me. But this Sunday it was because of a mess at the office. I was scheduled to work an evening shift, from 5:30 pm to 2:30 am with my current training batch, for this week. However last week there was a mess up which meant that I couldn’t get them office cabs for the evening shift.

Hence, I gave them Monday an off and told them we would work on Saturday. On Wednesday morning I scheduled the trainees for Saturday evening but a software tool error caused their shift to not get scheduled and hence I couldn’t get them cabs for Saturday evening. Hence I had to change it to Saturday off and make them come to work on Sunday and in the morning. Go figure!

But I did tell them that they only had to come in by 10 am and that I would leave them by 5pm. The day went by very quickly and I finished most of what I had set out to do. After that I went to Big Bazaar in Center Mall, bought some groceries and toiletries and then joined cousin Sujith for some chicken wings and pizza at Pizza Hut. Sorry, no pics as I wasn’t in the mood.

But it’s raining heavily at night now – started at 9pm – and it’s so cold and lovely.