Pseudo-Fan Comments

It’s been a somewhat good World Cup so far, 4 days in and the upsets and surprises are already in. I’ve been watching a few games, averaging 2 per day from Friday to Sunday and now that the work week is back on, I won’t be able to catch any of the games as I will be working when all the games are played during the weekdays. Come the weekend I will be back again.

It’s kinda fun to follow the reactions and comments on social media lately. Especially from those pseudo-fans who only seem to watch or pretend to watch when the World Cup is on. Suddenly they are “life-long experts and fans” of Brazil, Portugal, Germany or Argentina and so on and so forth. The Vamos and Allez and Ole’s all start ringing around. I can make out who are the real fans and who are the bandwagon jumpers.

And they act surprised when so and so does not score or has a bad game and comment that they are finished and all that shit. Really? After one game? No matter that the past 10+ years of them achieving success and who knows that the success may still come past this one game that you saw! Sheesh! Go and watch cricket!