Weekend Plans?

What plans for the weekend? Well I hope to go and do a couple of the things that I had planned a couple of weekends ago. I hope I get them done. I want to go get a haircut and chop these longish and curling locks so I can feel much better. My hair is slightly too long for my age and it’s balding as well. Greys showing up too much on my sideburns.

I also need to buy some pant cloth so I can get some pants stitched. I only get black since I only like black pants. I should also get a couple of shirts as well at the same place. Fingers crossed. I will pay for that off my credit card and the pants on my debit card. After that I guess I could go for a nice lunch outside. That is easier to do I know.

So here’s hoping that either Saturday or Sunday this takes place. Usually I end up being very tired on Saturday and Sunday I feel like staying in and watching movies in bed. Let’s wait and see.