Random FaceBook Posts From This Week

I wonder if far, far into the future down the evolution path or perhaps in an alternate universe, fish catch humans for sport, bring them into water and then throw them back out to land!

Things that didn’t exist the last time England played a World Cup semi final: Social Media, Mobile phones, Various internet technologies & Croatia!

It’s been raining almost non-stop and raining heavily that people in Kerala are planning of building a large ark. Not one like’s Noah’s arc from mythology but a real large boat or ship. And in it – since we are talking of Malayalees – they plan on storing lots of alcohol, beef, coconuts and kappa!

I really wish they would start more large supermarkets in Kochi. It would be nice to shop without half the population beside me.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Stephen King Movie Adaptations

This here is my little ole list of top & favourite movie adaptations of Stephen King’s novels, novellas, short stories or his original script work. I haven’t watched all of them so this is based on just what I have seen. This list may change depending on when and if I do watch more of them. So here goes:

  • It (2017 & the mini-series)
  • Carrie (1976)
  • The Mist
  • The Green Mile
  • Shawshank Redemptions
  • Pet Semetary
  • Cujo
  • Dolores Clairborne
  • Thinner
  • The Running Man
  • Apt Pupil