Sick Day & Update

Been having some downtime since yesterday. I was on a sick leave yesterday as I had a bad cold that I caught on Monday night and which worsened throughout the day. Initially I thought I would just go to the office a bit late but then I called in and took a leave as I didn’t feel like taking a shower and getting dressed as I was sick.

Today I was feeling worse and slept most of the day and did inhalation, took medicine and my asthma is also acting up a bit. But I have to go back to work today as we have some client people coming in and there is a training for the next three days. I can’t miss it. Well I can miss it but it will make things a bit tougher and well I can’t be bothered.

So off I go for a hot shower and a shave and then I will Uber to the office. Hopefully my illness will be in check and be much better by tomorrow morning. I hope.