Long Overdue Haircut

Well today was a semi-busy day. I didn’t get to do everything I planned for this weekend but I will have to get it done on Monday I guess. My plan was to wake up by 10 am on Saturday morning and go do a few things but I only left the office by 4:30 am or more like 4:45 am and slept by 5:45 am and hence woke up just after noon. I was so tired and sleepy that I stayed in and thought I would try to see if I could out in the evening but I was still very tired and so watched three movies and stayed in all day.

Today I had to go out and I think it had been 2 weeks or more since I had properly gone out in the weekend. With the heavy rains it was easier to just stay in and order some food on a Saturday night and cover myself with a sheet and watch some movies but the last 3 days it’s been somewhat sunny and no rain. So I woke up by 10 and went out for brunch and enjoyed a mint chocolate shake and a large California club sandwich. I stayed in the cafe for an hour and enjoyed the music and my large sandwich.

Then I went to get a haircut and boy did I need a haircut. I am bald on the top but I hadn’t cut my hair in almost 6 months and I had a huge curling locks at the back and covering my ears in an odd manner. Plus the greys at the sides and sideburns are showing up in more glory when I grow my hair. So I went to my usual place and had it chopped off to just a a nice short haircut. Lots of my hair was all around me, on my barber’s sheet that they use to cover you and on the floor. All from my head.

Then it was off to Center Mall via Uber albeit with a long wait as one idiot driver had his phone switch off and he missed me, passed me by and didn’t see me wave at the car. I lost some time that way. I went grocery shopping and it took a long time as it was busy being a Sunday late afternoon. By then I was thirsty so I went to Subway on the same floor of the mall and had a chicken & turkey slice sub with a lemon ice tea. Then it was on home.