Still Not Able To Get All My Stuff Done

Well the weekend didn’t go as I planned – yet again. This happens when I leave the office over 45 minutes late and then it takes another 45 minutes to get an Uber because it’s early Saturday morning and it’s the dullest time for both Ola & Uber. Since they don’t get many rides from the Infopark, CSEZ and Kakkanad area there are less cabs there and a lot of drivers from outside Kochi go home for the weekend. Why, I don’t get as the weekend is quite busy for them.

Anyways, I reached home late and hence went to sleep late and therefore woke up in the afternoon. That and being very tired made me decide to skip going out as I felt like I could use more sleep. By 2pm post some food I watched a movie and then slept for an hour before waking up a bit more refreshed. But I decided to stay in and not go out as it looked like a bit of rain was in the offering.

Today I went for some pizza for an early lunch. Not having had breakfast and the fact that I was starving by the time I got the pizza, I scarfed half of it down in no time and then slowed down and was on my phone for the last 4 slices. Hmmm bacon and ham with mushrooms and black olives. I went grocery shopping next and got a sundae before heading home. I will have to run my errands on Thursday morning.