5 Day Stay In

After 5 days I go back to work today. This is because while, Wednesday was a public holiday due to it being Indian Independence Day, I didn’t go to work the next two days due to issues with the floods in Kerala. Even though my area in the city wasn’t affected many other areas were. No owning a vehicle, I depend on Uber or Ola to get to work and back. But some other areas were affected and hence there were no cabs running and buses were having it difficult. Hence I stayed back home for Thursday and Friday.

I stayed up late watching movies or tv shows. During the mornings I would drink coffee and check the news. Converse with my cousins and try to find out news and information about relatives who were stuck in other places. Twice I managed to get some food delivered – Friday night I bought some garlic chicken and last night we had some plain chicken curry and chapatties and gobi manchurian for my sister who is vegetarian now.

It was more calmer yesterday and it didn’t even rain and I could have gone out for a while but unless it was needed to buy some stuff I wasn’t in the mood to go out. We do have our small store near us and that sufficed for now. I didn’t enjoy these 5 days as it wasn’t the kind of holiday you would want away from work. I did have internet and could relax at home but it wasn’t enjoyable and it wouldn’t be right anyway.