Life Returning To Normal In EKM Atleast

While rescue missions are seemingly done in Kerala and the cleaning and sanitation are in full swing while there are still people in camps and trying to find a home, the rebuilding stages seem to be a while away. As politicians do what politicians do and the arguments, disagreements and blame games begin in full form, the rest of wonder how long will it take for things to be back to normal. Have no doubts about it, Kerala will not be the same again but hopefully we will become wiser and better.

Meanwhile here in Ernakulam/Cochin live is back to normal for the most part. I went back to work from Monday and things were even more normal on Tuesday. Yesterday was a public holiday and so is Friday but I do have to go the office today. On Monday and Tuesday we had a lot of people still not able to come to work, especially those from the areas of Kerala which were badly affected. I hope most of them have come back from camps and are just busy with the cleaning and rebuilding parts of their homes.

After today I have the next three days off and here is how I plan to spend it; Friday – watch movies and some Star Trek tv show episodes, Saturday – go out and enjoy the day and see if cousin Sujith can join me for a nice lunch and finally Sunday – back again at home and sleep and watch movies with a heavy dose of Youtube video watching. Keep it simple.