Flash Before I My Eyes

 If your life flashed before your eyes, which three moments do you think you would see?

Hmmm, I can never say for sure but if I had to guess I think I know which three moments would pass before my eyes or flash before my eyes:

  • A moment from my childhood where I was extremely happy, playing games and eating/drinking the foods I loved as a kid and being completely innocent and free from tensions of the world.
  • When I got my dog Shawny and the first moments of taking her as a puppy back to my home. That kind of unconditional love has yet to be replaced and will never ever be replaced.
  • That time when I got my then girlfriend naked in my bed and lost our combined virginity. Oh, good times!

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS FOR AUGUST at The SitsGirls