Accidental Payment

I usually pay my phone bill & mom’s phone bill, which is in my name, around the same time. If not it’s just a couple of days apart as her bill due date is a few days before mine – the 15th and the 19th to be exact. We both have our service provided by Vodafone. But I usually pay off the bill earlier and try to pay them off online during the first weekend of the month if I remember.

10 days ago Vodafone accidentally credited someone’s payment of Rs.600 against my account! What could have happened is that the person who paid the Rs.600 at a Vodafone store either gave the incorrect number or had written down the number wrong if he or she was paying for someone else. Or maybe the way he/she wrote down at the store was in such a way that the person at the counter made a mistake. Or something!

I called them up to inform that the amount isn’t mine and they should try to reverse it to the person who paid it but it hasn’t happened yet. I told them to make a note against my account that I admit and agree that the Rs.600 isn’t mine and to please have it reverse as soon as the original payer calls up Vodafone to inform them about it. It still shows -Rs. 600 against my account.