Tuesdays Are The Toughest

When you work late evening shifts like I do, that is 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shifts, than Tuesdays are always the toughest. I always wake up late on Tuesdays and struggle through the rest of the day.

I left office by 3:45 am and reached home by 4:10am exact! I checked my clock as soon as I stepped into my room. So…. I wasn’t sleepy and I washed my feet and hands and took 4 Oreo cookies from the kitchen and started watching 2 episodes of Little Mosque On The Prairie. I will watch that or an episode of what other show I happen to be watching or rewatching like Star Trek Voyager or Star Trek Deep Space Nine or Buffy or Angel. Those are the shows that I happen to be in the middle of rewatching at the moment as I slowly make my way through the seasons.

By 5 am my eye lids were getting really heavy and as soon as the second episode I watched got over, I switched off my laptop, took off my glasses and switched the lights off. I went to sleep and woke up at only around 11:50 am but got outta bed only by 12:15 pm. Because I was tired as hell and had a headache that only went away after a cup of coffee. This is a usual Tuesday and I spend the rest of the time before going to the office in a daze.