Stomach Bug Attack

Ohhh, I have the runs! I am sick and it’s probably the chicken – just one single piece – I ate with my biryani at dinner last night. This is from the cafeteria in our office by the way. I think that is the cause of the problem.

I woke up at 10 am and I visited the loo but I was ok at that time. I had a light breakfast of just two slices of toast and coffee. I wasn’t hungry at lunch time so I skipped it and at 3 I got two chappathis and put eggless mayo on it. I was feeling sick at that time and I’ve been to the loo a couple of times since then.

I feel bad but I gotta go to work in a bit. I will have to visit the loo again before I do so. Shit! I just want to go back to bed.