Rewatching Binge Time Needed

What can one do when you have way too many tv shows that you have on dvd and want to watch them over and over again? I am currently rewatching a bunch of shows – ok let’s go with comedy first, it’s Little Mosque On The Praiser which is a sitcom and I’m midway through 5th season and it has one more season to go. This is my second watch of this Canadian show. I am also on season 7 of Star Trek Voyager and season 6 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine – it’s the 8th and 2nd time for the shows respectively. Yeah I got into DS9 fairly late.

I am also on season 4 (my least favourite season) of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and season 1 of Angel. I have watched Buffy twice before (on cable and then on dvd) and Angel 5 times. I recently finished all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and have started the two movies. I still have to start watching shows that I have been meaning to watch and have the first seasons of Altered Carbon, Marvel’s The Defenders, Jessica Jones and the two seasons of Daredevil to start on. And then there is shows that I have already watched and want to start a rewatch on like Babylon 5, The X-Files and Farscape.

I also have non-scifi shows like The Listener, Cold Squad and Flashpoint that I want to rewatch. There is just way too much of tv shows that I want to rewatch. And not to forget that the new seasons of current shows will start in October. Oh my!


Ugh! Yesterday was torture. My upset tummy was killing me. After I left here and reached the office about 45 minutes later I had to rush straight to the loo. And I went another 3 more times before I took an early end of the day at 12:30 am and came home to fall on my bed, tired as a …..I dunno what!

And to top it all off my team wanted to eat food delivered from a nice restaurant. They ordered naan, butter chicken masala, chicken tikka, allo parata and another chicken curry from Aangan restaurant while I was having a little soup with two slices of bread to dip it in and soak up all that soup. It was Knorr’s sweet corn chicken soup that you get in small packets. I was so tired after the 4th time in the loo at the office. My anus was crying out “please no more”!

I left by 12:30 am and Ubered on home and tried to watch a movie but I fell asleep midway through and woke up to no power. In between I had to go to the loo again but I’ve been awake for over 90 minutes and I feel somewhat better.