4 Day Staycation Coming Up!

We have a 4 day staycation coming up, people! This is actually due to an agreement with our company. Tuesday is Gandhi Jayanthi and thus a national holiday. With Saturday & Sunday off, we’d have to come in to work on Monday, which is usually ok. But we have 150 new hire employees who are currently in training and most of them aren’t from Cochin. Rather than having them come in on Monday, we give them an off on Monday and make them work on Saturday.

Simple and easy solution. And good for all of us too in the training department as we get to enjoy a 4 days vacation. Much needed one. And I can tell you this, with a sinus infection and a cough, no one needs it more than I do! I dunno what I will do these 4 days, as planning does not seem to work out for me whenever I have 3 or 4 days off. Instead I will wing it and see what happens and how I feel. If I feel good I will go out tomorrow and do a bit of shopping.

If I do feel better than I plan on staying in on Saturday and go out on Sunday or Monday. I would like to go to buy a few shirts and collect my pants that I have given for stitching. I hope I get to do that and enjoy a day out with a nice lunch. Doesn’t look like I will be drinking though.