My Wish

I wish for many things most of which are not feasible and mostly flights of fancy. But this one wish is more practical and well, lots of people have similar dreams of such kind. Here is a simple wish; to win the big lottery!

Lots of money, lots of cash. Enough that I never have to go to work another day in my life. I just want the money, honey. So I want to win a few crores in the lottery and after the taxes – ka ching – I still should have a huge amount of money with me. More money that I would know what to do with.

I would instantly resign/retire from work and go and buy a new luxurious apartment. Two or three actually and make sure that my family is comfortable and have every thing that they need. I would get myself one of those large apartments and settle down with my new furniture. I’d adopt a couple of dogs and maybe a couple of kitteh’s as well. And I would enjoy a quiet life, doing whatever I want or nothing at all. Travel a bit. Stay in nice places.

Sounds good?

Afternoon In Couchyn

My only agenda for today was to go and pay the advance for the new dvd/bookshelf that I am having custom built at a furniture store nearby. After I did that I went to Coucyhn for some drink and good food.


I hadn’t had any breakfast and having woken up at 9 am and the fact that it was almost 12:45 pm by then, I was starving. I ordered a half tandoori chicken and a Budweiser. That went down well indeed.


A while later I moved onto vodka. My cousin turned me onto Smirnoff Espresso vodka mixed with Coke which makes it taste a lot like iced coffee. This is awesome.


I also ordered a plated of grilled beef with veggies, which is a superb dish. They ought to market this dish a lot more.


At around 3pm I left and came back home and watched a movie. Now I’m listening to some tunes and drinking a juice.