Write An Open Letter To Your Future Self

Write an open letter to your future self.

Hello me,

I was just checking in to see how you are. It’s been a long time and I know you are much older. 18 years have passed on by and well, sorry I missed your birthday. 60 years old eh? How is the leg and the knee? I heard you lost some weight. That’s alright, you were bound to lose some in your advancing years.

How is it living in the small apartment which started seeming to be so big now that you are living all alone, as it’s been years since both your parents passed away? Except for the maid who comes daily and goes back home once her work is done? And how you look forward to the few and far between visits from your sister, her children and grandchildren? And how you hope you can host another dinner party for them and some cousins or join one just to have people around.

How does it feel being alone and not having had that one woman who you love and who loved you to be with? Never having lived with, slept the night with or woke up to or married a lover?

Are you gonna be ok?

Prompt from 52 Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Next Blog Post