TWD Without Rick

I’m currently watching episode 7 of The Walking Dead season 9. Episode 5 was the last episode with Rick Grimes as the main character of the show. He was presumed dead by his friends but infact he was blown away by the force of the explosion, fell into the river and washed ashore to be found by Anne. She took him with her when the helicopter came looking for her (who is she talking to I have no idea) and he is being taken care of in the chopper as they leave.

So TWD is now without Rick, without the leader of the gang and main man. Without stuff and thangs. Without him saying “Coraaal”! And now Norman Reedus aka Darryl will be the main male character in the series. Initially I thought he would be killed off, I think 2-3 seasons as Reedus was getting offers from other shows and movies as well. But no he stays and Andrew Lincoln leaves the show though he is slated to star in three tv movies based on the TWD universe.

I like the way the show is headed to now with the little time jump and the new antagonists being lined up. Things look interesting and I hope the show picks up in quality.

Early Day In From Work

One more day of working in the morning shift and then I’ll be done and it will be back to business as usual. Back to late evening shifts I guess though I don’t know if I will be going back straight to the 6:30 pm shifts. Maybe I will do a few 4:30 or 5:30 shifts for a while. I like 5:30 pm I guess and even 6:30 is fine too.

Though I do not like waking up early to go for the 8:30 am shifts the nicest thing about that shift is when you get to leave on time and be home for evening coffee and the sun is still out. Like today! I was home by 5:30 pm, bought a few snacks and made coffee as soon as I was in the apartment. While the kettle was boiling, I changed clothes and checked the package I got from Amazon with a couple of dvds in them and then settled down in front of the laptop.

Coffee drunk, masala peanut and biscuits eaten, I setup my small stack of dvds in the new book shelf that I had bought and which was just delivered to my apartment this afternoon while I was at work. It does look nice.