The Search For Star Trek DVDs

I have been looking but failing to find all the first 10 Star Trek movies on dvd in India. Unless it’s for some crazy money. This is crazy. It’s Star Trek! STAR TREK! I have the last 3 ones which are from the reboot/alternate universe or Kelvinverse movies from 2009 to 2016 onwards but I want the first 10. The ones that are near and dear to me.

Ofcourse I could get them on but the price in dollars vs rupees is also crazy. I’m gonna wait and see if I get some freelance online work that I was contacted for and if so, some of the payment is pretty good. Like $100 for one job and if I can get a couple of those or more (like I was told) then I can buy these sets that I really like and have them displayed in my collection and watch the movies on dvd finally.

But it’s crazy being a movie fan in India and finding it so difficult to get proper dvd releases at decent prices. Why do you think Indians pirate movies via download a lot? The crazy prices when we want to buy legally would kill us.

The Best Sandwich?

Sandwich Day! Share your best sandwich recipe.

There’s a lot of sandwiches that are just awesome and I cannot pick one sandwich that is above everything else. Or can I? Yeah let’s look at this one.

A club sandwich! The king of all sandwiches. Let’s see ….three slices of toasted soft, delicious, fresh bakery bread. Spread mayo and not just the plain type but a slightly tangy, garlic or spicy payo. NO LETTUCE!! Sorry. A little onions, tomatoes and maybe pickles. Grilled chicken chunks and crispy bacon inside one section and in the other we keep egg salad and cucumber. Or even a nice omelet.

Can you beat that baby?