Cold Cancelled My Weekend Plans

The weekend was a waste for the most part. I wanted to go to Lulu mall or go out for lunch/dinner with my cousin and even perhaps get a haircut. But mostly due to the weather the past few days – it was a bit too cold in the mornings compared to what we are used to – I developed a cold and a phlegm congestion.

So anyways, I was late arriving back home on Saturday morning after work and hence woke up late. Plus I had the bad cold so I decided to rest at home for the entire day and watch Venom in the afternoon and chill for the rest of the day. I drank plenty of coffee and my cousin Roshni came over to visit. So we had a nice evening chatting. My sister, nephew and niece were also at home and we later ordered some food and while they watched a movie in the living room, I went back to bed for a while, until it was football time.

Sunday morning I was too tired and unwell so I cancelled the afternoon lunch plan with Sujith and thought I would feel better by evening for a light dinner and grocery shopping but I cancelled that too. And that was my weekend as I couldn’t do anything else except watch a whole lot of Angel episode and a few episodes of Friends.