The Great Indian Food Experiment

What’s the first dish that you cooked on your own? Was it good?

I first cooked eggs and in omelet form. Then perhaps scrambled and later on as bulls-eye / fried eggs. But the real test for every guy or girl in India is Maggi noodles. Which are ramen like noodles which you can add the powdered flavour or tastemaker as the noodles are being cooked in the boiling water.

Now the real experiment in cooking for me, and a whole lot of Indians in urban centers, starts with Maggi noodles. Ramen is so versatile that once you have the basic stuff from packets, the world is now your stage. You can add almost anything to it and see how it works and tastes.

Eggs, hen’s or duck’s is what I would usually add to my Maggi noodles (no matter what flavour packet it comes with). Onions, green peas, peppers, carrots are some of the vegetables that you can add to enhance some more taste. You can add cooked chicken or beef or fish or pork and it will become even more yummy.

Mushrooms are another options. Experiment and enjoy is what I say.

Prompt from 16 WRITING PROMPTS FOR FOOD BLOGGERS @ FoodBloggersOfCanada