Leave Applied

Well I have applied for my leave for 3 days and I have received the ok. So next week Wednesday to Friday I am on leave and then combined with my weekend, I will have 5 days of relaxation.

I have been looking at nice hotels to book a room in and I had settled on one but when I checked earlier today they are all booked for the days I want a room. So I found another one, equally nice looking and they have great ratings, and the room is cheaper. I will have free Wifi, complimentary breakfast and a 32 inch tv. Plus tea & coffee maker  in the room, etc.

I plan to put my feet up, kick back with a book or two, watch lots of tv, enjoy the air-conditioned room and chill. I will not do anything major, no traveling or sight seeing. I will order in room service and listen to music. No headaches or thinking about work or home. It will be nice to get away and forget about everything and everyone else.