Day 1 : Hotel Abaam Stay

So, as mentioned before, I am now on Day 1 of my 3 day and 3 night stay in a hotel. The hotel that I choose is a 4 star boutique hotel. It’s not very big but then that’s how I like it. Anyways, I needed a break; a break away from work and from home. So I have 5 days off including my weekend but I have booked myself a room in Abaam for 3 days and 3 nights. I could use the time to just relax and chill in a hotel and enjoy myself.


The only thing I don’t like about the place is the actual bed. It’s not the kind that I like. It seems to dip in the wrong places and the edges are much harder. As I hadn’t slept all night I took a nap after a lunch of chicken biryani and a beer.


Everything else seems to be good. Food is good. Beer is priced heavily which is something that I don’t like but that is the case for all mid to high end bars & hotels. So far I have only ordered in room service. Tomorrow I want to check out their bar and coffee shop and maybe on Saturday I will visit their main restaurant.


Enjoy the pics as I enjoy my beer and my dinner, which is chicken noodles and garlic chicken.

Bed : Where I Lay My Head

I will be sleeping in a different bed for the next three days, including today. Since October 2006 I have always slept in the same bed with the exception of three occasions. I spent 1 week in Chennai in August of 2015 and I slept in the bed in the room given to me at the service apartment. Then in March of 2016 I was in Gurgaon for 12 days and I was put up in a hotel for that duration. I changed rooms in between so I guess that is 2 bed there.

That same April due to the only elevator being replaced in our building, my folks and I stayed in my sister & brother-in-law’s apartment for 5 weeks. I stayed in one of the bedrooms and slept in the bed in there for that duration. But other than that I haven’t slept in another bed than my own in about 12 & a half years! I like my bed; it  might not be the best or the softest but it’s what I sleep in and I find it comfortable. In Gurgaon, the second room that I was had a really nice soft bed with just the right amount of firmness to make it almost perfect.

I hope I get a really nice bed for the next three days. I will be spending almost all of my time in the room so I will be on the bed a lot. I need it to be comfy.