Features Of A Dream House

What features are you looking for in a dream house?

I would like a nice backyard for my dogs to play and run around in. Lots of green grass. By the way, I don’t mean my dogs as in dogs I have currently. I just mean that if I lived in a house I would get a couple of dogs as pets and companions. So big green yard in the back.

I would like a nice large room for my den. Lots of dvds/blurays and my scifi figurines and spaceships models to be displaced in shelves in this room. Lots of rock music blasting from my speakers. I want a big for that and for a nice big desk for my computer. This will be a nerd zone so enter at your own peril.

I want 3 to 4 bedrooms each with their own walk in closets and attached bathrooms. I want my guests to also have that comfort if they are staying over. Nice big kitchen, big living room and dining room ad tv watching room. Not much else. Oh yeah, a beautiful woman to love me and be with me as my wife & partner in everything.

Prompt from 30 Days of April writing prompts at the SitsGirls